What We Do

The Timberland Investment Group seeks to deliver sustainable timberland investments to institutional investors at scale.

We provide an institutional experience. We apply expertise, rigor, and diligence to every aspect of the management of our clients’ assets, as well as industry leading sustainability performance.

We give access to a complex and technical asset class. Our investments are based on an intricate, biological and dynamic underlying asset.

We invest our own capital alongside clients in an asset class that will only continue to grow in value as the world continues to respond to climate change [1].


TIG has a history of managing global timberland assets that generate attractive returns for the world’s leading institutional investors.

We seek to leverage the scale and operational capacity of BTG Pactual, Latin America’s largest investment bank, to offer financial returns while also delivering industry leading sustainability performance. We are one of the world’s largest timberland managers with US$ 7.1 billion assets and commitments and nearly 3 million acres under management throughout the U.S. and Latin America [2].

• US$ 7.1 billion assets

• ~3 million acres under management

• US$ 2.9 billion returned to investors [3]

• More than 160 operational staff

• 21 offices [4]


We believe our competitive advantage comes from a focus on the following values, which drive our strategic focus, internal collaboration, and performance-based management.

We are integrated from investment management down to the management
of forests on the ground. We have local expertise everywhere we work, and that on-the-ground capacity enables us to manage better in every way.

We are impartial and unconstrained by traditional approaches to investment and management; we are willing to consider any idea that might allow us to improve our performance.

We are rigorous in our analysis of all investment decisions. We try to bring the best thinking to bear, drawing on our teams, external resources, and other industries to deeply test our thinking and assumptions and arrive at the best possible outcomes for generating financial and sustainability returns.

We draw on a diverse set of backgrounds and seek to understand all constraints and opportunities to develop solutions.

Our team is both geographically and culturally diverse and comprises experts with finance, timberland and environmental backgrounds.

We actively work to be a meritocracy, where winning ideas are implemented, no matter where they come from. 


TIG invests in North and Latin America. Latin America has amongst the largest areas of land potentially available for reforestation, which we believe will allow us to achieve impact on a massive scale as we work to accelerate the transition to a regenerative economy. 

We believe Latin America also boasts ideal growing conditions, perhaps the most technologically advanced and productive forest industries in the world, strong domestic markets for many products, and a growing population. North America offers a number of opportunities for reforestation, improved forest management and climate-positive manufacturing supported by one of the world’s largest and most advanced forest industries, efficient and diversified markets, and growing bipartisan support for natural climate solutions.


TIG’s global, diversified portfolio includes investments in North America and Latin America. 

• Our investments are focused in North America and Latin America.

• 21 offices around the globe [5].

• In North America, we have 1.5 million acres under management [6].

• In Latin America, we have 1.2 million acres under management [7].

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[1] Capital is invested through TIG’s parent company, BTG Pactual.

[2] As of March 2024.

[3] Includes TIG’s predecessor companies, RTG and TTG. Since inception for distribution purposes is 1Q1990, figure includes distributions and return of capital. 

[4] As of June 2023.

[5] As of June 2023.

[6] As of December 2023.

[7] As of December 2023.